Daelin Fischman, co-chair of Harbor Ring, writes an op-ed on MTA’s secret report

Daelin Fischman isn’t satisfied with the recent report the MTA released, and voices his opinion on why it isn’t enough.

“The latest proposal was funded after years of advocacy pushing for it. Yet, it was never publicly released. Instead, Streetsblog had to obtain it via the Freedom of Information Act, like it was some secret CIA report. The plan Streetsblog recovered was a detailed engineering report rife with facts and figures. The one thing missing from the report was a clear way to give pedestrians and cyclists access to the bridge. The directive given by the public to the MTA was ‘find a way to give us bridge access.’ The report’s troubled conclusion is that access is not possible without $350 million and 20 years to wait.

We reject that conclusion. The final report that was dragged out of the MTA is a betrayal of the public directive.” – Daelin Fischman

You can read more here

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